MADI. senior portraits.

madi >< oregon episcopal school >< class of 2018

2018 KPP model team member

we began madi's session in her neighborhood's rose garden. i love that we started in what is basically her front yard. all the memories will come out when she sees these photos later in life. we moved over to the beautiful mount tabor park to continue her session where we found all the beautiful portland views. and lastly, we completed her session at the se waterfront to add a playful part to her session as well. 

madi is a total gem in this world and one of my favorite things about her is watching how her friends love her. i think her session not only captured her beauty as a senior, but also her brightness as a person. 

madi, thanks for being a bright spot on the model team and thanks for rocking your senior shoot too! can't wait to work with you again! <3 <3 <3

SOPHIA .senior portraits.

sofia >< grant high school >< class of 2018

class of KPP model team. 

for sofia's session, we met up at reed college... what a beautiful place to shoot.  the location was even more meaningful because sofia had memories of elementary field trips there. she looked so beautiful in the natural and collegiate environments! fun fact about sofia: she volunteers for a local search and rescue team. i love that she gives her time in this way. 

it means a lot to me to work with seniors that are so much more than a pretty face. we all have the opportunity to live a good story that's more than our own personal drama or gain... let's choose that. it's where the real beauty is. 

(if this resonates with you and you think i might be the photographer for you, there are a few spots left in October if you want one, but they won't last long!)

sofia, way to rock your senior session... love working with you! <3 kp

MILENA. senior portraits.

milena >< grant high school >< class of 2018

class of KPP model team. 

for milena's session, we mixed it up with vibrant areas in inner south east portland including some murals, natural spots, and the river. i love how her shoot combined so much of who she is as a creative person, who loves nature, and is even an active water polo athlete. and here's a fun fact about milena's shoot: she made her own jewelry that she has on! I love that so much. we shot this at the beginning of the summer... can't believe how much time has passed! thankful we still have some sunny days left for more senior sessions! 

(there are a few spots left in October if you want one, but let me know soon!)

Milena, love working with you and getting to know you even better this year! so happy to be a small part of your senior year! xo. kp

SOPHIE. senior portraits.

sohpie >< tualatin high school >< class of 2018

2018 KPP model team member

we planned sophie's senior session in george rogers park in lake oswego... and when i pulled up that morning to meet her, i found a almost empty parking lot, the perfect temperatures (not too hot yet!!), and a beautiful sunny day. i knew it'd be a good session...

then, you mix all of those elements with sophie, and it becomes magically perfect. her different outfits, adorable headbands, on point make-up skills, and not to mention her amazing hair all added up to this session that i think will definitely remind her perfectly of how it felt to be her in the right here and now. 

that's what portraits should do... tell our story. remind us of who we are, how we've grown and changed, and where we've come from.

hope these always do that for you sophie! you're an amazing person and i can't wait to see how you continue to grow and blossom in this world! <3 thanks for choosing me to work with for your senior portraits. i'm thankful!

SYDNEY. senior portraits.

SYDNEY >< Central Catholic High School >< class of 2018

2018 KPP model team member. 

Along with her ballet skills, Sydney also brought her adorable pup to her senior session in the Rose Garden. I about died when her mom told me that she had newborn photos also taken there! How magical that now about 18 years later, she's in the same place taking her senior portraits. I love the full circle of that story and this location for them!

We had so much fun photoshooting in the gardens and there's so many options for portraits in a gorgeous place like this!

Sydney, I'm so happy with how your shoot turned out! You rocked it!! Thanks for being so fun and flexible and just for bringing that super happy attitude you carry around! Can't wait for more this year! xo. 

KATIE. senior portraits.

Katie >< Saint Mary's Academy >< class of 2018

2018 KPP Model team member. 

Katie chose to have her session in the Pearl, one of Portland's beautiful downtown neighborhoods. I love the different textures we were able to find for her portraits at the Eco Trust building and walking around the Pearl. Katie is a DELIGHT to be around and I think these photos show off her approachable and fun spirit! As a part of the KPP model team, Katie also participated in our spring shoot, headshots, and our upcoming fall shoot. I'm so thankful to know her. 

Katie-- you totally rocked your session... I especially LOVE that old denim jacket you brought that was your dad's! You look beautiful in these and I'm thankful to get to work with you and have you on my team! xo. kp

slumber party photoshootin'

during our spring shoot this year, the KPP model team also snuggled up with slumber party themed shoot. we busted out all the cliche' ideas we could with yummy popcorn, magazines, pillow fights, etc. :) all in all, it was a bonding fun time with adorable images as a result! 

hope you're all getting LOTS of friend time in this summer and doing LOTS of this below: 

interested in knowing more about working with KPP? go here


we love our schools... but it's SUMMER!!!

i know you're all deep into that summer vibe already, but i want to share a little about the different schools I have on my KPP model team.  i love working with students from all around the portland area! there's more that unites us than divides us. <3

below you'll see the schools currently represented on my model team: (nine girls from seven different schools)

if you don't see yours here, let's work together anyway!!! if you do see yours here, talk to one of these girls about working with me. 

(if you see a typo above, I DO TOO! I'M JUST BEING TOO LAZY TO CHANGE IT IN PHOTOSHOP! ignore it, or even better, leave a comment about a mistake or typo you've made in your life!)

we recently had a fun contest over on instagram @kp_portraits (BE SURE YOU'RE FOLLOWING!!)... the contest was a competition between schools and which ever school got the most comments on their photo won a little photoshoot with up to ten friends. sophie from TUALATIN HIGH SCHOOL won that and hosted her bff on her birthday for the shoot! so sweet!

congrats sophie!

loved working with you TuHS girls! 

senior portrait season is well underway!! I can't wait to start sharing with you this amazing class of 2018!

Class of KPP 2018 model team:

maybe you're wondering if Katie Prentiss Photography is a good fit for your senior portraits? 

here's a few questions you can ask yourself to see:

  • are you imperfect and make mistakes?
  • do you try to enjoy life but also work hard to do your best?
  • do you believe people are valuable beyond what they look like?
  • do you care about your inner beauty as much or even more than your outer looks?
  • do you want to remember this time in your life in a beautiful format? 
  • do you want a shoot that celebrates WHO you are as much as HOW you look? 
  • are you the type of person who wants to build others up? 

well, if you answered YES to most of those questions, you're in good company. we did too!

meet my #classofkpp model team. these are girls who encompass the above. and who would love to introduce you to what it would be like to work with KPP. there is too much in this world that tears us down and is a challenge to deal with. your senior portraits with KPP isn't one of them. 

take a peek at the beautiful faces below and know it's a small sampling of the energy, life, & beauty that working with KPP brings. 

KPP has three sessions left in JULY, four in AUGUST, and six in SEPTEMBER.

maybe one of these was meant for you! 

thank you my beautiful KPP model team for being examples to those who know you and love you.

introducing the 2018 KPP MODEL TEAM!

i am so pleased to introduce my new team of models for the class of 2018. these girls are the type of people i would want as friends, would trust to lead, and are standouts in their communities. they are the the type of people that only get more beautiful the more you know them. 

i ask them to model for me in ways that go well beyond the world's definition of model. we are more than an image to be viewed. we're going to work hard to see ourselves beyond that first glance and own what is unique about our own beauty. 

AND i really hope that they will introduce me to you because i want to invite you to join me in the same mission of seeing beauty differently and seeing it in ourselves. you are all welcome to take this journey with us... beyond typical photoshopped senior portraits... beyond the pressure of 'pretty'... and into portraits that empower us, build our confidence, and show appreciation for all that we've been given. 

want to join the KPP tribe? contact me asap to save your spot. xo.