JONATHAN. senior portraits.

Jonathan >< Grant High School >< Class of 2019

The waterfront in South East Portland right at the turn of summer has such a dynamic vibe. It was a bit of an overcast day with Jonathan but I think the softened light brought out the late summer foliage and coolness of the water. He also dressed his portraits up a bit with his button downs yet we kept a relaxed atmosphere to the shoot which was great to shoot. And if you have a great head of hair like his, work it!

After a busy summer I am looking forward to the slower pace of autumn and would still love to shoot you seniors! Books are open!

GRACE. senior portraits.

Grace >< St. Mary’s Academy >< Class of 2019

Wow Grace, we got a lot of looks for you! Sometimes simple is better but in this case I think we nailed so many different shots. It’s interesting to see how soft lighting versus hard, bright, back lighting can totally change the depiction of a person. Grace did not shy away from the camera which made the shoot all the more fun.

Thanks for the late summer shoot Grace!

ABBEY. senior portraits.

Abbey >< Tualatin High School >< Class of 2019

Talk about the energy on Abbey! She was just glowing through out this shoot. The various background texture we incorporated brought a diverse result to her final images. It was fun bringing out the yellow, blue purple from the wardrobe with the found landscape. And we had some ducks come and visit as well!

Thanks Abbey, good luck this year!

MIA. senior portraits.

Mia >< Franklin High School >< Class of 2019

The playful yet serene feeling of Mia’s shoot is hard to fake. Senior photos don’t have to be formal or pristine headshots! Mia was able to convey the youth and instinct of this age, and it came through beautifully. Movement shots can be intimidating at times but don’t worry, I’ll direct you and the more we let go, the better the shot. Also a good, lush water feature is always fun to run around in.

Thanks Mia!

MIRA. senior portraits.

MIra >< St. Mary's Academy >< Class of 2019

Off to Sauvies Island again with Mira! Later in the season when much of the brush and grass has died, the textured, nude colors compliment the skin quite well. We also shot this during a massive forest fire that brought a haze to the area and a general warm glow to the environment. Weather can be hard to predict in the Oregon summer climate but sometimes you just have to go for it!

Thanks so much for the fun Mira!

MALLORY. senior portraits

Mallory >< St. Mary's Academy >< Class of 2019

Mallory is such a unique gal; the urban back drop of Portland was perfect for her shoot. The city devotes itself to supporting the arts community and it defiantly shows in the vibrant murals all through the Buckman neighborhood and inner eastside Portland where we shot. Rediscovering my favorite spots is something I continually enjoy when roaming around the city. Don’t be afraid of hard lines or bold colors, they can really bring out your subject, especially one as vibrant as Mallory!

Thanks girl!

LILY. senior portraits.

Lily>< >< Class of 2019

There is a cinematic feel to Lily's shoot that comes from the wide range of emotions she is expressing and the wonderful wardrobe. Some people can just tell a story with their face. Sauvies Island my girl coming through again! I will say a winter shoot sounds fun about now in all this heat! 

Books are open for fall, lets roll in some leaves!

ELLIE. senior portraits.

Ellie >< Clackamas High School >< Class of 2019

Talk about great location! Ellie brought a really fun girl in the country vibe that I think really shines through. The green in her eyes totally pops with all the dappled forest light. It can be tricky to shoot in such varied lighting but when you are able to nail the exposure, it really is worth it. Had to use that A frame because it is gorgeous deep mahogany and a fun architectural element. 

Thanks so much Ellie, had a lovely time with you!

MYZELL. senior portraits.

Myzell >< Central Catholic High School >< Class of 2019

Myzell, can't get enough of you! So much fun working with the popping colors in the wardrobe and her fantastic smile. If you can believe it, with all that classic architecture and diverse greenery, we are in the downtown Portland Pearl District. I sometimes forget how lucky I am to live in a city that values its public spaces so dearly. 

Thanks for the time Myzell!


EMMA. senior portraits.

Emma >< Central Catholic High School >< Class of 2019

The Pearl district of down town Portland has so many corners to get lost in. I love how there is so much greenery everywhere you look. For Emma's shoot I really wanted to use the architectural elements and urban landscaping to frame her. She has such an ease in front of the camera, it was effortless to get a great image of her. Work those pastels girl! Thanks so much Emma.