SHELTON. senior portraits.

Shelton >< Cleveland High School >< Class of 2019

Shelton was brave enough to book a sunrise shoot and we had the best time shooting and exploring while the city woke up. The variety of color and texture that is provided by the urban environment perfectly accented her style. We began on the Hawthorne Bridge, then grabbed some murals, and wrapped up the shoot near PSU in downtown Portland. Thanks for being such a wonderful and bright person to capture shelton!

JULIA. senior portraits.

Julia >< Grant High School >< Class of 2019

We started my senior session season in one of my favorite places, Sauvie Island, with Julia was a such a treat. Sauvie Island is a wide open space that just inspires you to take a deep breath, which never hurts when you're on a photoshoot. I mean who doesn't love to prance around in dresses on the beach or in a field, with your cute dog no less. I love the ways in which Julia brought such diversity and brightness to her shoot. Thanks so much and good luck in your SENIOR year girl!

ELLA. senior portraits.

Ella >< Grant High School >< Class of 2019

We had such great weather for this golden hour shoot with Ella. Photographing later in the evening allowed us to capture the changes in the light, which can really effect the mood of the shoot. I love summer shoots because they can be carefree and relaxed, but still sophisticated with great wardrobe choices. Thanks Ella! You were a dream! 

September is open for bookings if you guys want to come hang out with me! 

If you don't follow me on Instagram, go follow @KatiePrentiss to get to know me better. 

INTRODUCING the KPP 2019 model team!

INTRODUCING the KPP 2019 model team!! 

i ask them to model for me in ways that go well beyond the world's definition of model. we are more than an image to be viewed. we're going to work hard to see ourselves beyond that first glance and own what is unique about our own beauty. 

AND i really hope that they will introduce me to you because i want to invite you to join me in the same mission of seeing beauty differently and seeing it in ourselves. you are all welcome to take this journey with us... beyond typical photoshopped senior portraits... beyond the pressure of 'pretty'... and into portraits that empower us, build our confidence, and show appreciation for all that we've been given. 

so here we are with the class of 2019 rising soon to their senior year. 18 girls from 8 different schools around Portland including:  Grant High School, Tualatin High School, Central Catholic High School, Saint Mary's Academy, Cleveland High School, Franklin High School, Clackamas High School, and Wilson High School. 

The first of these introductory model headshot sessions began on our snow days in Portland... and I LOVE the way they turned out! During the next few weeks of shooting, the snow melted and spring was just beginning to rise. 

If you're curious to know more about the kpp model team, this post + video sums it up well and you can read this post from last year for even more about working with me. 

I'm so anxious to meet my new 2019 senior clients too! I love getting referrals from current or past clients because they're always such a great fit. Friends of friends are usually friends, right? If you're someone who's looking for your senior portrait photographer, I'd love to chat and see if I'm the one for you! 

Oh, and if you book your session in April (one week left!), you get $50 off your session fee. Better calendar options AND a deal? WINNING!!

ZOE. senior portraits.

zoe >< grant high school >< class of 2018

zoe is my grand finale to the blast of blog posts i've been sharing. she was also my grand finale to my senior sessions in 2017!! 

so, if you ever ask me if you can bring your dog on your senior session, my answer will be YES. i love images of seniors with their pets. 

and if you ask me to shoot in a place i've not shot before, my answer will be YES. i love trying new places out! 

and if you ask me if i like to work with seniors like zoe, my answer will be YES!! 

we planned her session in north portland, on the river where she and rusty play in real life. it was a sunny day, but don't be fooled, it was really cold and foggy when we started. zoe's just tough, so she made it look easy. after the beach + natural scene there, we moved onward towards delta park and found tons of fall color.

(who's all about 2018? i'm super proud of all of my seniors this year and can't believe you're half way through! there is still time to book your class of 2018 senior session!!)

and for the class of 2019... i'm about to begin booking for summer shoots! hmu if you're interested!! 

zoe, you know i'm a fan of you! you were a blast to work with and i'm so happy i could meet you!!! xo. kp

EMMA. senior portraits.

emma >< grant high school >< class of 2018

emma chose a simple session for her senior portraits and we agreed that laurelhurst park would be the perfect place to capture them. it was a perfect fall day and all the natural pops of color were fun to incorporate into her portraits. love how her green eyes stood out against the natural background too! thanks emma for booking your senior session with me! it was a pleasure working with you! xo. kp

HANNAH. senior portraits.

hannah >< saint mary's academy >< class of 2018

this sma senior chose to do her session in the pearl and i think she is just ADORABLE!! i love her style and of course how can you not love that hair of hers!? we were all over the pearl for her shoot as you can see and i love how the shoot came together. hannah, i wish you the best for the rest of your senior year!! xo. kp

JAKE. senior portraits.

jake >< central catholic high school >< class of 2018

i enjoy working seniors who are also photographers because they have a different way of seeing everything. jake had some cool locations in mind when we set up his senior portrait session plan. we started at the omsi waterfront where he had spent the summer working and then moved into the east side industrial area of portland. from there, we moved into downtown portland to grab some cool shots in a parking garage. i love all the colors and textures we grabbed while creating jake's shoot. 

jake, i'm thankful to know such a thoughtful and kind person like you and i'm thankful nic has you as a friend. thanks for letting me do your senior session. :) see you soon! kp

CAROLYN. senior portraits.

carolyn >< grant high school >< class of 2018

Carolyn scheduled her senior session to be at Sauvie Island. One of my goals in repeating location I've used in other shoots is that I still create a shoot that is as distinct as one senior is from another. Some photographer are always trying to recreate their certain look to the point that many of their shoot end up looking similar...same makeup, same hair, same styles. While that may work well for some, I'm a big believer in trying my best to REFLECT back to each senior what makes them THEM. If you look through this sample of Carolyn's shoot, you might feel calm and relaxed. Well, guess what she was like to be around?? Yep, calm and relaxing. :) It's like she just melted into the natural beauty of Sauvie. 

Carolyn, you are fantastic to work with and I love how these pictures feature you! Thanks a million for choosing me for your senior portraits.. I think you're wonderful! xo. kp