ALANNAH. senior portraits.

Westside Christian High School >< class of 2017

Alannah's session took place at the gorgeous westmoreland park... and I love the variety of outfits she chose and how they complemented the environment we were in. When I'm working with a senior on a shoot, we end up having a great time together. I bring a relaxed vibe and ask that you're willing to try different things with me. Some of it might make you feel a tiny bit out of your comfort zone, but at the same time, just going for it can bring some of the best portraits filled with laughter and life. 

It doesn't matter what your personality is or how photogenic you think you are, we can create something just for you that captures you in the best light! 

I love how Alannah's senior portraits turned out and how amazing she looks... I love even more that these portraits show her inner beauty shining too! 

Thanks for booking with me Alannah! Hope your senior year is finishing strong! xo. kp

FRANCES. senior portraits.

Grant High School >< class of 2017

Often my seniors come alone to their session, but sometimes they bring a supportive person. Frances choose to bring her sister and I was so touched by how encouraging Nina was during the shoot. Not only helpful in carrying stuff, but thoughtful with her affirming words as well. Who doesn't like to hear compliments while feeling "exposed" in front of a camera?!

We shot this session in the beautiful Sauvie Island and I think Frances just looks so natural in that beach + water scene! It made even more sense when I realized she's into water polo and is a life guard! ;)

Thanks for booking your senior portraits with me Frances (which you looked amazing in!!) and thanks to your sweet lil' sis for all the support during the sesh! You two are just adorable together! 

IZZY. senior portraits.

Saint Mary's Academy >< class of 2017

Izzy is one of those people who lights up a room. I loved planning her shoot with her because when I asked her, as I always ask my clients, "is there any place in portland that really means something to you that we could consider using as your portrait location?" she immediately thought of where we went. 

And even as we worked our way through her shoot, she shared stories of adventures and memories along the way. Most of the memories had to do with times with her friends and i LOVE LOVE LOVE that when she'll look back on these portraits, she'll be reminded of those times in this chapter of her life. SIGH. It's really the best of both worlds when we're able to get beautiful portraits in a place you love. That makes these photos grow in their meaning to you even more than normal. And as a heartfelt photographer, that fills me up too! 

Izzy's shoot took place along the waterfront, hitting up her special places (these will remain secret because I promised) and finding fun bursts of murals and color further into southeast portland. 

Izzy's energy is contagious and I think her session was well suited to reflect her bright heart and soul. Thanks Izzy for allowing me to capture you in this time of your life! xo. kp

ELLA. senior portraits.

Ella >< Saint Mary's Academy >< Class of 2017

St. John's bridge is one of my favorite spots in portland... it just feels magical when I get to travel across it. It's so beautiful that it's used quite often in pdx portraits, but this girl is anything but typical. She was one of those kids that I just wanted to talk to more while we were shooting. Her shoot incorporated a few iconic portland scenes beyond St. John's. We also shot at my office rooftop to grab the beautiful city scape behind her and ended her session at the Omsi waterfront. I love so much how it all came together! 

I think the world of you Ella and can't wait to see what the future holds for you! Loved working with your family too! 

ELLEN AND JIRO. family photoshoot.

one of my goals on every family shoot is to become friends with the kids. they're honestly the best. they hug in a photo because they love the person their hugging. they smile (as long as no one is telling them to 'say cheese') because they're feeling good or even laughing. i love to interact with them very casually and playfully to see what happens and how their personalities show during a shoot. I want to capture them as they are. 

and to be honest, often on shoots, the more adults you add to the mix, the more stiff or awkward it can become. we adults just think too much about everything... especially ourselves. ;)

but this shoot was different. five grandparents showed up for some quick portraits in the middle of this family's shoot and i loved watching them interact. all the various personalities came out and all i could think about was how lucky these two kids were. to have so many people lighting up over them. 

what if everyone had that?

this beautiful shoot was taken at sauvie island (i've been saying that alot lately!) but it was just PERFECT for them. we began at Kruger's farm and then moved to the beach. 

after the shoot, the youngest and i were chatting about families and our stories of belonging. i asked her what it meant to be a family. and she simply replied, "it means to love each other."

i couldn't agree more. <3

thanks a million ellen and jiro for sharing your family love with me & my camera for a moment. 

TOMLIN. senior portraits.

Grant High School >< Class of 2017

let's say you're a high school senior who's anything but boring and typical. 
like a girl who's the president of your high school's robotics club... or a student who volunteers for the humane society... or a senior who has their own studio in their home for their weaving...
i will do my darnedest to match your coolness with your senior portraits. and secretly i'll wish i was as cool as you when i was your age.

i always ask my seniors if there is a place that particularly means something to you that we could feature in your session. for tomlin, we agreed that starting in her home to feature her studio and loom would be pretty central to sharing her story of this time in her life. we coaxed her cats into a few pics too! after time in her home, we moved out and grabbed some fantastic murals around town to show her creative side... we especially loved using the one from botjoy as a nod to her robotics work! 

thanks tomlin and fam... you were a joy to work with and I can't wait to see what's in store for you! xo. kp

VAN GORDEN. family photoshoot.

love and snuggles, love and snuggles... this is how we're going to have hope and healing in our world. 

i'm pretty sure this group is leading the charge in that department. let's all hold our people a little tighter. 

(scroll to bottom for more on this shoot.)

this sweet family booked a sesh with me about one year ago. i was dealing with recent grief at the time because my mother had just died. it's hard to function in the superficial when something like that happens in your life. so i wasn't sure how approaching this family would be, but even though i met them upon arrival to do their shoot, working with them was soothing to me in that tender space. and i mean really, how can you feel too much grief when you're greeted with hand drawn kitty whiskers on that sweet face?! here's the email i sent them following their shoot: 

I have been wanting to write you since the minute I left your home after our session... I want to say is that your session meant so much to me. I hope this isn't over sharing, but my mom passed away from dementia in February and needless to say, it's caused a good deal of soul searching for me. I've looked deeply at my life choices and I've wanted everything to matter. Mostly in my portrait work, I focus a lot of energy in GIVING to my clients. I want people to walk away seeing more love, more beauty, more life from their portraits. That being said, I walked into your session a little more selfishly. I needed to get something... and I feel like I left with such a full heart from photographing you four! 

I'm so thankful for your family's ability to be so real with me. To just be yourselves with no pressure or expectations of performing or presenting in a certain way. It takes a deep level of vulnerability and self acceptance to do that. I'm not even sure if I'm able!!, but you're my favorite type of client. And I wanted to say thank you for showing up like that. I hope that your portraits make you feel the way I felt from taking them.

as you can see, it meant quite a lot to me. that's the thing with portrait photography; it's such a give and receive type of interaction. i think i'm the luckiest photographer alive to have the type of clients i do. <3

CAPRIAL. senior photoshoot

Caprial (class of 2017) chose to have her session in the heart of the city! We started off on PSU's beautiful campus scene and worked our way around that area to capture a diverse, urban shoot for her. She chose some classic dresses for a few of her outfits and then got casual and comfy with a t-shirt and jeans.

I loved working with her and getting to know her a little during our shoot. You know when you can just tell when a girl is going places? Yeah, that's what's going on here. Best of luck to you Caprial in the coming years! I think you're fantastic and can't wait to hear where you end up!

KAYLEIGH. senior portraits

Kayleigh attends Saint Mary's Academy | class of 2017

I loved meeting and working with Kayleigh! She choose to do her session on the west side of pdx beginning at the Eco Trust building, and walking our way over to end at the fields park. Kayleigh has the sweetest personality and even though it tried to drizzle on us in the beginning of her shoot, we ended up getting a fantastic collection of senior portraits for her. There is so much diversity to capture for portraits in a city environment~ and I think we did just that. 

Love that smile with those bright blue eyes Kayleigh!! I'm cheering you on for the rest of your senior year!

BLISS family photoshoot.

before you scroll down and get SUPER happy looking at these adorable girls faces in this shoot below, know these things about booking a shoot in the late fall, winter, and most of spring in PDX: 1. the weather will be very picky and finicky.  2. that means you can not be. 

or at least it helps if you're not. so when i get a request to book a shoot, one of my first things to do is to check the weather ahead. if i see a nice patch, i try to jump on it. 

this was one of those shoots. it was supposed to be a bright sunny moment in the midst of wet days. the sun didn't quite come as promised, but here is what did come out: smiles, sister snuggles, and lots of play. 

and don't be fooled. these two cuties were super quiet and shy when they came to my office prior to their shoot. but once we were on their turf, we played lots of games and they just *might* have forgotten they didn't know me before. i hope they think we're friends now. ;)

anyway. how cute are they? i swear i love my job... and what i mean by that, is that i love the people i get to photograph. thanks desiree and anne for allowing me to capture your sweet girls!