the whole world can see

isn't the fact that i haven't told most of my friends that i have a blog a little odd? ironically, the entire world could read this silly blog, but i feel nervous about real friends doing so. is this why we love the internet? we have a pseudo-vulnerability by bearing our souls on the screen. we chat without truly conversing, controlling the conversation rather than allowing the natural give and take between two real people.

when we live face to face there is real contact. you see the tears welling in a friend's eyes. you feel their hand on your arm in comfort. you share that smile over a personal joke. you must address how you have hurt or have been hurt. it seems there is something divine about this.

but don't get me wrong. i still love my chance to blog- the chance to go on and on in hopes that someone out there will find it remotely interesting- and the chance to share a portion of myself with the whole world... and maybe a few real friends as well.