attack of the rev.

Those of you who know Brian, know that he is a very "active" sleeper. I didn't know this about him until we were married and found myself scared to death many nights. The first time I witnessed the power of Brian's dream state, was probably just months into our marriage. I was awoken by him frantically swiping his hands back and forth under his pillow. I asked him, "what is it?" I thought I heard him say something about a spider. So, I followed with, "It's a spider?" His reply was, "No, HUNDREDS of them!!!" I realized at this point, that I needed to calm him down and tell him that he was just dreaming. He let out a sigh and then settled into his pillow and quickly fell back asleep. I, on the other hand, wondered who I had just married and if there really was a spider in the bed. At least one of us got rest that night. This was my initiation into the b's dream-land and it has been an interesting experience ever since.

Oliver is now beginning his own initiation process. From time to time, Oliver will wake up from his sleep and come into our room. He walks very quiet and it's rare that I hear him until he's right next to me. It's even rarer that Brian hears him at all. This week that was different. Brian must have been dreaming about someone breaking in or something to have reacted so quickly. Oliver was walking quietly as usual, and I woke up not to Oliver, but to Brian rapidly sitting up in the bed. As he sprang into the upright position, he also LAUNCHED a pillow in the direction of my innocent little one. It was a 007 pillow attack move. The next second, I heard my son crying. It was all so hazy, so I asked Oliver what was wrong. (I didn't think the pillow had hit him.) He cried out, "daddy threw a pillow at me!!" I sprang out of bed to check on the poor soul, but as I was running I realized my husband was racing me to get there first. He wasn't awake yet. I put my most forceful hand out in front of him and yelled, "stop!" At this point, Brian finally woke up.

The funny thing is, Brian hardly remembers these crazy acts in the morning. I asked him about this episode, and he said, "oh, man" and started laughing realizing what he had done.
Also, you would think that my son might now be afraid to come into our room at night, but don't worry, it hasn't slowed him down yet! I asked Oliver about it the next night. "oliver, weren't you afraid if you came into our room that you might get attacked by a pillow again?" He smiled and said, "I thought about it."
We're all fine and think the whole incident is hilarious... but if you have any advice for my husband's crazy sleep patterns... leave it.
At least one of us is sane! HA!