minute by minute...

it's 9:53 right now. i just sat down with a cup of coffee... FINALLY!! i really just want to laugh though. i never feel like i accomplish anything during the day and i think it's because i never reflect on what actually happens minute by minute. so i'll try to recount a typical morning in the prentiss home.
i was awoken by oliver saying in my ear, "mom, i have to go poo-poo." nice. good morning. alright, "shhhhh, i'm coming," i say. i didn't want him to wake up abigail who had joined us in our bed AGAIN because she wakes up crying during the night. so, i slump out of bed to find oliver sitting on the toilet and upset because he had peed straight out of the toilet seat. and remember, his bladder had been collecting urine all night. so, off i go to get a rag, cleaner, etc. and i'm asking him, "oliver, did you have to go poo-poo or just pee?" and he says, "mom, please don't use your mean voice." and i think to myself i know, i am being mean, but "oliver, i'm sorry, i just woke up..." he says, "mom, i thought i had to go poop." during this lovely, eye-opening conversation, i hear nicholas getting out of bed. awww man, i was hoping to get back to sleep... never mind.
it was 6:30. i let the boys watch a tv show, still believing in the possibility of a little more sleep. i made them some breakfast and juice. i actually tip-toed away to go lay in nicholas' bed. 5 minutes later, i hear the littlest one's feet slapping the hardwood floors while she calls out, "maaaa-maaaa, are you, mama?" over and over. no hiding out in a warm bed for me.(mind you, this is the only type of snooze button i have!) so, the day begins.
the next two hours are spent spinning... and this is the type of activity i'm talking about...spending my time accomplishing what seems like nothing. i go to my bedroom to get dressed, and oliver really did go poo-poo and needs some wiping. i go to make some breakfast for myself and abigail can't find her blanket. i go to look for her blanket and realize i need to change that band-aid on nicholas' knee because i need to make sure it's not infected. i'm changing the band-aid on nic and look at his finger nails and realize i must trim them now. i'm looking for the nail clippers and remember that i never put abigail's laundry in the dryer from yesterday. i open the door to the laundry room, never go in because for some reason, abigail wants me to take her shirt off. i see that it's wet and wonder how it got that way. oh, she tried to drink the water that oliver left sitting out in the family room. i take off her shirt and go to look for the spill. i get that cleaned. to make myself feel better about the morning this far, i tell myself: i have made the beds, and have gotten dressed myself. now, i'm going back to get my breakfast and abigail is asking for a snack already. is it that late? when i lean down to get her snack, i get the smelliest aroma crammed into my nostrils. another poop for the day. we're off to change her diaper and while i was at it, i also put a new shirt on her. that was the decent thing to do. finally, i make it back into the kitchen, cram not one but two frozen waffles down my throat because i deserve it and finally pour my cup of coffee. even though i look up and see that i left the garage door open (where my laundry is), i don't care. i'm going to sit down drink my coffee and post this blog.
the kids are playing with playdough... i'll get to it in a minute.
my coffee needs re-warming now.