a sick day

it's a rare occurrence for this stay at home mom to be able to take a sick day. it's usually just too complicated because it means finding someone else to keep the kids or making brian take a day from work. but, there are those rare occasions when i'm so sick that there is no question or debate about it. i've just had one of those days.

our family just traveled to mobile, birmingham, and then atlanta. somewhere in Georgia's big city, nicholas picked up a lovely stomach bug. he was miserable, laying on his aunt jea-jea's couch, missing out on all the fun. he was sick for two days and we prayed that the others wouldn't catch it especially for our flight home on friday. thursday night, abigail threw up. and so the story goes. by sunday, all of us except brian had been put threw the ringer by this thing.

on sunday, i rose from bed one time to attempt a much needed shower which was cut short by me nearly fainting. it was one long miserable-in and out of sleep- type of day. today, i also spent mostly in bed. but my appetite was coming back as was my stength. i got up a few times, but still felt pretty weak and light headed from the day before. i needed rest to fully recover. thankfully, today, i was able to at least read and think which was a blessing.

i was thinking about how our family has never had a bug like this one. we've usually never passed one on to each other so thoroughly, nor have we had one last this long. that's pretty amazing to be spared from that. i was also thinking about how sad it is to watch my little one's body's seem so week and limp, but then that moment happens where their smile breaks through and i know they feel just a little better. it's one of the most beautiful things to see. and i was thinking what a gift it was for me to lay in bed finishing "gilead" (one of the greatest novels i've read recently) on such a peaceful day while brian took my job for a day so that i could recover. God is so good to us. i'm thankful.
(and you can be thankful that this didn't turn into a "puky blog" about all the times we've cleaned up our kids throw up!!)