august is my birthday month. i am turning the ripe old age of 33 and the signs of life are upon me. about a year ago, i began noticing more and more grey mixed in with my hair. i began a vicious attack each night with the tweezers in my hand. i knew i could win this battle. but, slowly the hair would grow back and i'd then have little grey flags on my head waving to everyone to be sure they were seen. i decided eventually that my defense was not working and it would probably be better for all of us to just let it grow out. since then the grey population is overtaking my head, or so it seems to me. i've never really colored my hair (not counting that one attempt when no one could even tell) and i always feel confused about which route to take. $10.00 at the local drug store and risk some crazy "tint" to my hair or $100.00's at the salon and still risk it not looking "right." i haven't really considered leaving it alone. i saw my dad's hair turn and i just don't think i'd be one of those beautiful-head-of-grey-women-who-still-look-so-young types. so, i'm heading down the hair dye path... and i've decided to turn to the professionals. i actually have an appointment on my birthday... august 18th. so i have another week of my brown hair with grey streaks and then they are gone. maybe i'll post a picture- if it turns out well!
and if any of you have helpful tips on coloring, roots, and all that fun stuff, just let me know!!!