waiting for water to boil.

literally. i thought while i waited i'd write a post about summertime dinners and how happy they make me. those of you who know me know that i don't necessarily love to cook. i like to eat, especially really good food. what i don't enjoy is choosing what we should have each night, wondering if i'll ever plan ahead and hoping what i've thrown together is edible.
but, summer. ahhhh, can't you just smell the food cooking on the grill? i can smell the bbq chicken we're having tonight- accompanied by a spinach salad and homemade mac and cheese. (i'm keeping it real in california...) but the beautiful thing is that this is how almost all of our meals have gone. we purchased our grill on the fourth of july so that we could host some friends for festivities. we have used it tremendously since.
because of this wise purchase, my life is simple. i buy multiple options of meat, store them in the freezer and each day, just thaw and send the hubby outside. i usually just make some sort of salad and MAYBE something else. it's all rather lovely.
and it seems soooo... california. there is no extra heat or humidity outside making my grill slave sweat while he cooks and the produce is plentiful to make salads. i'd say we've adjusted well to life out here, wouldn't you??
well, the water is boiling, and the smells are speaking loudly to my tummy.
come see us and i'll be glad to cook for you!! (at least in the summer... if you come in the winter, we'll go out!)