chips and salsa

i love that my boys are so close in age. nicholas is 6.5 and oliver is 5 and they make the best playmates. they have been in their room with the door closed for the past hour and a half just endlessly playing together. their new game these days is what they call playing "webster and bogie." what they do is get their favorite teddy bears and maybe some other fortunate stuffed animals and create adventures for them. at one point i walked in there and they told me their "kids" were sitting on the bed looking at them because they have been telling them stories. now they are taking them outside to do the next phase of the game... whatever it may be.
another favorite game they play is from an naria scene. they saw the movie for the first time earlier this year and i've never seen such passion in their eyes as they longed for the good to overcome evil. they were also a little enchanted with the possibility of becoming a king in another world. it is possible right?? anyway, for those of you that have seen the movie, they love recreating the big battle scene. they gather up any man, creature, dinosaur, animal, etc and line them up facing each other at least 3 or 4 rows thick. (gosh, why do i not have a picture to post??) when they are done, it's a massive scene. one side is always on a mountain of some sort and the other on the flat ground. and just about the time they are done setting up, they are done playing.

and thankfully abigail is usually asleep during these playtimes because it kills her to be kept away from her big brothers. she adores them. they won't let her play. i understand because i know she'll "destroy" (the boys term, not mine) what they've worked so hard on, but sometimes, i still make them let her play. hopefully when the new baby arrives, she'll just think that it is her playmate and won't need to be with the boys as much... we'll see. :)

oh, and i randomly titled this post "chips and salsa" because that's what i've been able to enjoy while everyone is happily or restfully entertained! yum.