candy for sale

we have quite a bit of candy, and i'm seeming to be lacking in self control, so would anyone like to buy it from me?? :)
we had a fun night trick-or-treating and i had plans to write about what halloween is like silicon valley style, but i delegated to brian instead. you can read his rendition, but to summarize, just think, big money and big consciences! the kids got at least 5 full size candy bars each, a t-shirt, 3-4 little cups of playdough, pencils, healthy snacks, and basically name brand only candy. i remember thinking last year how different the contents of their bags looked, but forgot about it until the dumping of the loot occurred last night. it's amusing when even trick-or-treating seems different depending on your region!
if you want to see pictures of our luke skywalker, darth vader, and little mermaid, you must also move yourself to brian's website...
he's really just so much more interesting than me!!