please note that this post may be a waste of your time to read, but theraputic for me to write.

I began our way over due laundry last night with determination to finish and put away all of it today. i can't stand doing laundry all week long. nor can i stand having it laying around all over the house. when i see over-flowing laundry hampers i get really discouraged. when i begin laundry without ruthlessly finishing it, i go crazy. i have a husband who constantly runs out of undershirts, an oldest child who is always saying he has no clean clothes, a toddler who knows how to stain anything, and a middle child who really doesn't care what he has on as long as he is covered. so needless to say, there is always laundry to be done. i don't do well with systems or routines. i mean, initially i do and i love to make them up, but just as quickly, i get bored and feel too confined by them. so, my goal with laundry is to try and get it done in 2 days a week. this rarely happens, but my goodness, i'm happy when it does.
so, back to last night. i gathered all the laundry, waddled myself all the way to the washer and dryer in our garage and began the effort. i am proud to say i have almost finished seven, eight... i'm not really sure how many loads, and all but three are put away. here is the problem... the climax, or the point at which you've realized you've wasted your time reading, i have EIGHTEEN socks on my couch without a match. what is up with that??? one or two per person seems reasonable, but eighteen for a family of five. i give up!! i guess we'll just buy more again soon and maybe i throw all of those away, that might be more theraputic than writing this!
if by some insane chance you're really stimulated or inspired by this post, don't worry, there is always more from where this came... just like my laundry!