reflections of a soccer mom

(we're having our first real rainy day since last early spring and i must say i'm enjoying it. it just feels cozy and like winter. my boys are playing quietly in their room, listening to eb white read his book, charlotte's web. i think it's so cool that they can hear the author tell his own story!!)

oliver finished his soccer season last saturday and nicholas finishes this week. i must admit i've been a grumpy soccer mom. i haven't loved having to go to soccer games twice on every saturday. how do people do this year after year? and we're homeschooling so our schedule isn't even that hectic! i do think it's been a great thing for the boys to do though. they have loved playing... well, at least one of them has. oliver has some perfectionist's tendencies and at the very first practice he decided that all of the players were better than him and that he hated soccer. nice. we couldn't even get him on the field for his first game. he wanted to quit, but considering the fact that he was the one who asked us if he could play this year, we made him finish the season.
every sat. he would complain, say he didn't want to go and once he was there would barely engage in the game. (not out of rebellion, but distraction) he was actually pretty cute, at one point he "kicked" the ball in the game because it just happened to bounce off of his shin/foot. i was a proud soccer mom, nonetheless! but, i must report that by the last games, he was really into the action... the climax of the season being that he scored a goal in one of his last games and assisted (as much as a 5 year old assists) another player in scoring that game too! this past sat. was his last game, and his dear coach handed out trophies to the players. oliver received one of five special awards. His coach said, "This next player started out not really liking the game so much, but by the end he turned out to be a good soccer player. Oliver, you are the Most Improved Player this season!" He was beaming... as were his parents! :)
i'll update you on our other little player after his season ends....