30 weeks.

I've made it to what I feel like is the home stretch. I've got 10 more weeks to go.
The coolest part of being pregnant is this little one moving around inside me. I feel little feet on the left side of my stomach, legs in the center and a little bottom on the right. When he moves, which is quite often, I just want to pull him out and hold him. I love to put my hand or arm around my growing belly and feel his subtle or pronounced movements. I feel like I'm bonding with him already and my excitement over meeting him grows with each of these moments. As we both grow bigger, his movements will be more limited and we'll be fighting for space. Just like with the others, he will push on my lungs or rib cage and I will attempt to stop him by pushing his feet down with my hand. I'm sure in some of these moments, I won't feel as loving about our struggle over who really owns this domain. But for now, he's free to roam. Sometimes, I place my hand where he is moving and he stops. I wonder if he can feel the warmth of my hand. Can he sense how much I already love him?

God is building our family exactly how He wants it. I am so thrilled to watch it all come into place. It's strange for me to consider that this is probably the last time I will be pregnant, especially considering I've been so for at least 8 years now! :) Our oldest, Nicholas just turned seven. His birthday is always such a momentous occasion for us because it not only marks his birth, but also marks our becoming parents. We're always surprised to note how long we've been in this game! Each one of our children have brought so much life and joy to our lives. They've brought so much awareness of who we are and who we're becoming. We see ourselves in them physically, but also in every other way. They are our union proclaimed in human form, they are our strengths and unfortunately so much of our weaknesses. And in 10 weeks, we'll welcome one more to the fold!