First Born

(I thought I'd post a few entries about having our first, second and third child before we have our fourth!)
This is our little Nicholas Andrew who came into the world at 6 lbs. 2oz. My first pregnancy... ahhh, how nice. I took naps when i wanted and naively watched my body transform. All of it was new and exciting.
He was due January 1, 2000. The due date was a bit comical to us with Y2K and all, but everyone knows that a baby isn't born on it's due date, so we just waited and wondered when our little one would really come.

On new year's eve, my labor began! We watched the New Year's celebrations, watched Y2K turn into nothing, and then went to bed. At 3am, I awoke to real contractions. We left the house a
little after 4am because it took over 40 minutes for us to get to the hospital from where we lived! (South of Birmingham, out in the country) We arrived at 5 and by 9:45, I could start pushing! An hour and a half later, our son was born!

He has asked us why we call him "Millennium
Baby" recently, but I think he's finally catching on! He realizes what a cool birthday he has and how the year always will reflect his age. He is my first born, my Nicholas, my seven year old who loves Lego's, drawing, playing any boyish game that takes some imagination, and who seems always willing to help his mama! He adores his dad and would give his right arm to hang out with him at any opportunity. Oliver is his best friend even though he makes friends everywhere we go. He loves and takes care of his
little sister. And he seems gifted at making other
children laugh even though when he was little, it took a circus to make him crack a smile! Now those come often and freely!
We love you Nicholas Andrew... you mean the world to your family... thank you for blessing our life so!