just building my resume'

just to keep track, i thought i'd make a short list of my current talents in case i enter the work force again some day...

My current skills include:
tying a pirate bandana
kissing boo-boo's
distracting a toddler from the mounting melt-down
making a pillow case cape
reading stories with different voices
cutting crusts off sandwiches to ensure the most amount of food is left
eating pretend food
cleaning bodily discharge (all areas and types)
changing baby doll clothes
dictating how to spell a word while doing some other task
using television to provide quiet and sanity
changing my body shape in nine short months
interpreting toddler talk
clipping four sets of fingernails and toenails regularly
teaching a child how to blow their nose, clean themselves, eat with a fork, etc.
checking email amidst chaos
shutting down at night when the kids go to bed
doing 6-8 loads of laundry per week and actually catching some stains before they set
cutting itchy tags out of clothes
making grumpy people eat what's on their plate
giving lots of hugs and praise
apologizing often for being late
getting lost even with directions
cleaning little finger prints off windows and doors
dressing up little ones as a mermaid, cat, fairy, super hero, etc.
cleaning up splashed water after bath time

i'm sure there's more... do you think i'm marketable??
(ps, spel chek isn't wurking, so pleaze forgiv me four mistakes.)