little princess

I can't explain how cute I think my little Abigail is. She just seems so fun to be around and does the funniest things... like some of these:
Yesterday, she and I were talking about how we lived in Florida for a little while and we went to Disney World all the time. Abigail said, "Oh, Cin-da-wella lives dere?" and I told her she does and that we would try to take her there sometime to visit. She said, "Cin-da-wella will give me a hug and give me a kiss when she sees me." She had the brightest eyes and smile when she announced this to me. It made me want to take her right then!!

On the way home, I was telling her that Nicholas' birthday was in two days. She replied, "Oh, my birday is in two minutes." I guess she wins the birthday race. All day on his birthday, she kept saying, "It's Abigail's birthday today!"

Anytime Brian or I sigh, she quickly looks up with concern and says, "What's wrong, daddy?"
If you haven't seen her in a while, it might be hard to picture her little voice and expressions. Maybe you'll be motivated to come visit... :)