nesting and resting

I added this little pregnancy counter to the end of my blog page. It's way down there, but I wanted to add it because it's a way for me to not keep track of weeks and days anymore. I'm really not good at that. There are too many numbers for this pregnant brain to keep up with... I even asked Brian the other night if I was 33 already! Sad. Anyway, the counter says, 68 days to go! tThat sounds soon to me.
With that said, you better believe the nesting is happening in full force. Thankfully I have a husband who also enjoys organizing and improving our little domain, so it's easy for me to enlist his help. This weekend we worked hard at purging and ended up with another full trunk load to donate to City Team. Brian helped the boys do most of this donating from their own shelves. We've been encouraged by their willingness to give their toys to others who could use them more. While the three of them were in the boys' room, I was reorganizing my linen closet. Do you ever feel like you do the same things over and over? This is one I've done before, but this time, I was able to donate many linens and things that others could use and make room for that baby bath tub to fit in there! Lastly, today we purchased from Ikea a new dresser for Brian that we needed and the domino effect happened. Our bedroom is quite mismatched anyway, so we thought this dresser might blend well enough and get us through the next number of years and by getting it, we could then give the old one to Abigail. The dresser was one my dad had as a child, then my sister and I used it in a room we shared and then my parents sent me off with it after I graduated from college. It means so much to me because of it's history. So, I moved her clothes into the new/old dresser and now, there is a baby dresser to fill for my littlest man! Everyone has a little more space now! There are more projects to come as time and budget allows and just like with every pregnancy, I think I can conquer the world before the due date! We'll see.
I am in my third trimester which does present a little conflict of interest to all of this nesting. That is my need for rest! I'm finding that each day I feel pretty good in the morning (thanks most days to Brian getting up with the kids) which certainly helps with teaching my kids. By the afternoon, I feel like I need a quick nap, which I usually can't manage between interruptions and by the evening, I feel like an invalid. This is problematic. Typical symptoms cause me to feel this way: acid reflux, lower back pain, pain in my legs, braxton hicks contractions and sheer exhaustion. So, pray for my husband because these things create a larger demand on him. He certainly rises to the occasion without complaint, but we do still have 68 days! I'm convinced that the gift God gives you in the end of pregnancy is the confidence that life would be easier with a baby in your arms and home than in your belly. All the things that seem hard about a baby, mainly waking up all night, already are happening while they're in the womb, but all the while, your body isn't working correctly. So, soon, I'll be longing to have my body back and my baby out, but for now, I'll endure because there is work to be done!!
if you read all of this, you certainly don't mind my blabbering on about our little life...