recent landmarks

Nicholas had his first official sleep over last night. I spent most of the night worrying about him being too rambunctious, talking about private parts, not going to sleep, being mean to the girls, wrestling like a maniac, etc. He of course is a great kid... and did much better than I expected! (Unless, my friend softened the truth a little!)
He has become the best of buddies with his friend Noah, who seems to be such a great influence on him. Noah is the only boy of four children (the opposite of Abigail's life) and his mom had planned on having another family of girls spend the night (she's brave, I know). Nicholas was called in for "male bonding." Since he's been home, he's said he wished he could stay all week. I don't think he'll ever struggle with separation anxiety! If I can "brag" a little, my friends said he was perfectly mannered and that he'd be free to marry any of their girls later in life! Sounds like he knows how to make a good impression! And of course, I'm proud. I know he's not a perfect kid, I see all the rules being broken and lines being crossed. Usually, I'm the one who has to correct him and help him see the error in his ways... so I guess it just feels good to hear the other side! He's growing up so fast!

Abigail has begun to potty train. I have a chart posted in the bathroom that has three days of achievement on it... Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... (oops that was last week!) with stickers showing how many times she went to the potty, etc. It was going well... and well, we sort of just started putting diapers back on her. Geez... am I in my third trimester or what!? She's adjusting like a champ, it's just her mom that can't seem to keep up with running her to the potty, cleaning up "spills," and homeschooling her brothers! We'll get back to it, the sooner the better. Perhaps writing this post will give me some accountability to start back tomorrow!
(I also can't help but think that I'm halfway done potty training my kids. When she is done, I'll just have one more to go! :)