daddy and mommy jobs

Abigail thinks her daddy can fix anything. She has a hole in her blanket and asked one day if I could fix it. I replied that I probably couldn't because of the fabric, etc. She quickly said, "Oh, daddy will fix it." (Daddy had to let her down on that one... he told her mommy should fix soft things.)
This is her response to anything she feels is broken. She says he has special tools. She has complete confidence in him. If a toy has a rubbed off painted feature, if a piece of a puzzle is missing, if a crayon has broken in half, or as of today, if a branch has fallen off a tree, daddy can fix it. Angie (who surprised me last minute by visiting this week) and I were asking her more about daddy fixing things today when she kept talking about daddy fixing that tree. Angie asked her what else has daddy fixed. She said, "This table wight here," and gave her best Vanna White pose right beside our coffee table that Brian assembled.
Next Angie asked her, "Well if daddy fixes things, what does mommy do?"
Without hesitation, Abigail said, "SIT."

So, it looks like I'm found out. All I do is sit and apparently daddy is the superhero-fix-it man.
Nice... and maybe a little truer these days than I'd like to admit.