Sassy Mama

Okay, so you've heard me complain about the comments I've received during this pregnancy. They have just become comical, ranging from anything like, "how many more days do you have?" when I still have months, to "are you due this week?", to "you look ready to go!" These didn't begin this week either. I have around 30 days left according to my little counter at the end of this page, but these comments began early on! (Angie can attest to this from her visit out here recently.) I just laugh now. It's fine. Say whatever you want without thinking first.

Well, today my friend Jessica, sent me a link to a friend's post that really made me laugh. There is a company called Jestations that makes sassy maternity t-shirts. They are hilarious! I have to add to the first one, "No, it's not my first. It's my fourth. Two boys, one girl. 7,5,2. And yes, I think I'm old enough. No, I didn't start having kids when I was 16."

Actually, when most people hear that I'm having four, they are so shocked that it keeps them quiet. They are lost in their thoughts of what chemicals or crazy religion caused me to do this again...

(There are more funny t-shirts, actually quite a lot of them... go take a look!)