three cheers for baby bjorn!!!

I'm on my fourth child, and yet I'm constantly asking other moms which baby things work for them. In the past, Brian and I would often choose the "chiper chicken" when it came to baby products. For example, when we were pregnant with Nicholas we bought the "snuggli" baby carrier because it was cheaper (currently around $35.00) and I thought it couldn't be that different from the others. I never really liked it though because it hurt my back and just as soon as Nic would fall asleep in it, he would wake up because it was so cumbersome to get him out of it. This pregnancy, I started noticing that most people who actually use a baby carrier use the Bjorn. I was chatting about this to a friend and she offered hers to us. I didn't believe I would like it or find it comfortable, but I must say I'm a believer now. For sale for $79.99 and up at Target, it would be well worth the money-- at least to this busy mama.

Tonight is the second night that I've had to put the children to bed without Brian since Elliot was born. The bjorn has saved me each time. I simply strap it on, slide Elliot in and off we go. Tonight, the kids and I cleaned the kitchen, played a few great rounds of hide and seek, and got ready for bed all while my littlest one slept in the carrier. And I don't need advil for back pain either... I'm pretty impressed.