Wanted: A RESPONSIBLE Tooth Fairy!

Who could resist a smile like this??

(please forgive the orientation of the second picture, i'm just too tired to try to correct it right now, but that face is too sweet to leave out!)

Apparently, our local tooth fairy can and I'm about fed up! Does anyone know who takes complaints for the tooth fairy? This poor sweet kid has lost four teeth in all and the loser tooth fairy has forgotten to give him money TWICE!!!! Things just aren't like they used to be.

I also want to note that because the TF is so lame, Nicholas is giving up belief. He lost his third tooth about 10 days ago and everything was fine. Except that the TF wrote him a note on paper from his own notebook... which of course he recognized and became suspicious. Then, when he lost the first top front tooth less than a week ago (assisted by what we're calling "oliver's kung foo kick") the TF of course FORGOT to get the tooth and leave money all together. Nic cleverly thought it might have been because his mom and dad we're really busy that night with Elliot, as if we have something to do with it. We assured him that we're actually busy with Elliot every night so it's not about us. He asked me the following day if the TF was real. I asked him what he thought. He said, "It's just that I don't see how the little tooth fairy can carry around all that heavy money." I found that interesting and suggested that perhaps that is why she leaves the money and takes the teeth... because they are so much lighter to carry. He then wanted to know what she wanted all those teeth for and why she pays kids different amounts. Geez, I never thought about some of those things-- Does anyone have answers?
I guess if all else fails, we, the responsible parents in Nic's life, could take over for the tooth fairy if she doesn't get her act together soon.