she sang.

When I think back to growing up with my mom, one thing I often remember is her singing. She sang all the time. I remember silly songs like the one about the toast "popping" up or the one she sang while making chicken tetrazzini. I remember her teaching us her high school favorites like "Teen Angel" while driving in the car. I still remember the lyrics to that one. She sang out in church like God needed to hear her. She taught me little girl songs like "Let the sun shine in." (and just for you jean, remember lady godiva?) And I can only imagine how she sang to me as a baby. I've seen her with my children. She can't hold one of the babies with out a song coming out.

It's not that she had the greatest singing voice in the world, it's just that she seemed to have a song in her heart. I've been thinking about this as a mom. My mom couldn't sing if she was angry or discontent. It just doesn't work that way. There are times when I'm holding Elliot silently rocking and my mom's singing comes to my mind. And I sing. There is something sweet, innocent and happy about having a song come out, regardless of the singer.

As a mom, I'd love to put songs in my own children's hearts. This world is messy and not easy. I believe God gives us melodies and voices to add a little beauty to the world... that's what I hope to do with my sad little singing voice... and hope to do for my children. (thankfully, they are usually the kindest audience when it comes to singing!)
Thank you mom for doing that for me.

Happy Mother's Day to all! (past, present and future)

and to take the thought of singing further...
It is amazing to me what odd sorts of people Jesus loves and how oddly many of them sing. Yet, he seems to be fond of all this strangeness. My theology and my experience tell me this: there is a special largeness of spirit and a particular conformity of Christ that come to those who step across their musical barriers to learn to hear the voice of their Singing Savior precisely in the oddity of somebody else's voice...Stepping across our own musical boundaries not only makes us friends to one another; it also shows our likeness to our Singing Savior.
Reggie Kidd
"With One Voice: Discovering Christ's Song in Our Worship"