everything new.

Okay, your requests and questions are being answered... here is my new stuff: new hair, new camera, and new painting. (i threw that one in for free.)

And you may ask, why am i smiling? Because i'm a dork and i'm trying to look my best--which doesn't happen most days. Usually, i'm just trying to put my contacts in and brush my teeth before noon. But, this day of my self-portrait, my hair was fixed by someone else. I wore it that way as long as i could stand it, i think three days. Then, i took a shower, and it was back to being twisted up. Before i left for the hairdresser, oliver was asking me how short i was going to get it cut-- he doesn't like change. Then he asked, "Wait, how long is your hair?" Because, you see, my child had not seen my hair down for months. And for those of you wondering why i made a deal out of going to the hairdresser, the answer is because it had been SIX MONTHS!! yikes.
Behind the camera is my new favorite place to be! I love taking pictures and trying out all the fun settings, etc. I'm learning tons and hope to one day soon start a photography business!! :) It's one of my little dreams...

My new painting is from a artist named Laura Sue~ Earth Art is her gig and she is talented! Check her out on www.etsy.com

self portrait june 07~ nikon D80