things she says about him.

i've been meaning to jot down things abigail says in reference to elliot. i've been meaning to post about many things and haven't gotten to them. i start to feel overwhelmed not knowing where to start or how to update, so i'm just simply starting here.

from early on, abigail will say, "oh, he needs his sippy." when elliot is crying. his sippy is his pacifier.

when she sees him nurse, she says, "he gobbles it up."

when we're in the car and elliot is inevitably crying, she says, "a baby is crying." note: a baby, not our baby or my baby brother, but a random baby, somewhere.

when she wakes in the morning, she says, "i need to see ell-i-ot." and when the changing table seems too high for her to get a good look, she stands in my dresser drawer.

i'll add more if i think of any.

new ones:
after smothering elliot with her face, she looks up and claims, "him loves me."

we're always commenting on elliot smiling and always mesmerized when he does. she has caught on and when she sees him she says, "dats a good mile!" whether he is or not.

also when she crams her face into his, she'll say, "him licked me." when really she just put her cheek on his open mouth.