to those we've left.

kids and brian on skype.

i'm not sure that we could have made a move such a long distance from our home in Birmingham, AL if we didn't live in this day and age of technology. i'm not great at consistent communication. some would say i'm horrible. i easily get overwhelmed by the amount of people i would love to be in close contact with. my actions don't communicate how i feel. thankfully, there is help contained in this little electronic sitting on my lap. it keeps me just a little closer to you than i'd be without it.

when brian and i were dating, we were much more limited in communication options. i had a dial-up connection to the Internet, but only because my roommate figured out how to do it and wanted to explore this new world. but, we certainly didn't have email addresses, cell phones (i used to have the kind that plugs in to your cigarette lighter in your car- for emergency purposes ONLY.), text messaging, blogs, facebook, etc., etc. our communication (we were in different cities) consisted of letters (which we have still) and long distance phone calls. do you even remember what those are? do i sound 30 years older than i am? today, living on the west coast far away from a lot of you, letters and long distance just wouldn't be enough. i want to hear and see more from you and allow you the same from us.

so here i am. i'm thankful that i have this little blog world. and i'm willing to lay in my bed typing on my laptop each night and stay up a little later so that i can feel more connected to you in this strange technological way. and i hope you feel a little more connected to us, like the distance is blurred a little, like we're just a click away.

but i still want you to visit... or just move out here.