wet and wild.

this was the theme of o's party and really the theme of his life. this kid can wear clothes backwards, twisted and hanging off and not even notice. he wears glasses sometimes and when he does, you'll notice them smudged and hanging below his eyes- when they are not broken. he loves to dig in the dirt, make mud, catch bugs, and play with all things squishy and slimy. i had considered doing a "mad scientist" party, but trying to be true to my new life motto: keep it simple stupid, i considered the new theme "wet and wild" instead. when i floated the idea to my little care-free man, his face lit up! no more contemplating party themes, the idea was perfect.

what it included was everything that brings the kid joy. the wet half of the theme was accomplished simply by our backyard pool, super-soakers and water balloons. the wild was intended to be fireworks (sparklers, snap pops, smoke bombs), but the dodo mommy didn't think about the fact that our sun doesn't set until after nine and planned the party to end at 6:30. (i only realized this the day before!) so, instead, i tried for "daytime" fireworks including anything i could grab that was loud, colorful and messy. what i ended up with was silly string, a pinata, and these rocket balloon things. i think the alternatives went off well...

now, i don't think i need to give many more details. just imagine seven energy filled little guys with any of the things mentioned above and you know it was a crazy good time for them. our yard is quite colorful now too!

yesterday i asked oliver which party of all the birthday parties we've had has been his favorite. he said, "definitely wet and wild!! nic, you should totally do that party on your next birthday, just invite different people!"

the pictures are still resting peacefully in my camera, but i'll post them soon....
(the one above was sent out with his invitation...)