first school day.

we made it. the boys had their first day of school today! they are attending our neighborhood public school that is a block and a half down our street. it seems lovely for all of us.

some of you know we've been homeschooling previously, but we felt this community school fits our lives the best this year. at some point, i'd love to write more about our educational choices and experiences (if you all are interested), but for now i will write about today specifically!

nic has been counting the days down until today. a friend of ours asked him the other day if he was excited and he replied with, "yeah, it's my most fun thing to think about." that is him.
this morning, i got up before 7 and heard him awake walking in the hallway. i checked on him and he was fully dressed, bed made, backpack on and lunch box in hand. how cute is that?
he needed no help from me at school either. he lined up and walked into his classroom like he had been going through the routine for years. immediately he found his hook, hung his belongings, found his desk with name tag on it and sat down. i'm not sure that he even wanted me there, but i wasn't deterred. i stayed a moment, threw my arms around him and whispered how much i adored him before walking out.

i was a little more curious how oliver would handle the new routine and situation. he is enrolled in kindergarten this year which at our school is a half-day program~ thankfully! the great thing is that on Sunday afternoon, we were able to come to school, see his classroom and meet his teacher. when we were walking home that day, he said after much prodding by me, "mom, i think i'm gonna like my class and i'm gonna like my teacher." i think he expected dull and boring and was pleasantly surprised by the doctor seuss decor among other things. when we picked him up today, i told him, "oliver, i want to know every detail about your day today." he quickly returned, "ahh, my principal told us that our parents would say that, and he told us to tell them two things: one thing that we learned and one thing that was fun. so, stories and recess." he thought he was going to get off that easy!! i made him tell me everything, like i said. :)

i'm so proud of these boys! and so thankful for the community we live in~ we have many wonderful neighbors that the boys are attending school with.
this is going to be good for them. and good for the rest of us too. we're learning so much through this life God has given us...