funny ebay lady.

if you need to laugh, check out what this mom of six had to say on an ebay listing. it's one of the funniest things i've read in a while. perhaps it just feels that familiar even though i have four.

very often, i feel like a spectacle walking around with four kids. all the time people ask, "are they all yours?" or "how many kids do you have?" the last one is usually when we're at a park or something and they see me holding elliot, then abigail comes over and asks me to read a book to her or push her in the swing or play with her, when she leaves oliver comes over to show me how much sand is in his shoes or shorts or hair, when he leaves nic comes by to get the baseball or frisbee or soccer ball. somewhere between the third and the fourth kid, observers begin to worry that every single kid there actually came from my womb! it's pretty funny. especially when i overhear them saying, "they have four kids" as they nod their heads our way.

anyway, this is my life. when i'm not in a chaotic moment, i can laugh at the chaos. but, i will say, it's much easier to laugh with another mom who i can relate to...
read her listing. you'll then know why i'd rather grocery shop at 10 pm than take all of my kids.