goodbyes and beginnings.

adam loves jessica

we met adam and jessica in birmingham when they were students in college. they attend gordon conwell seminary in boston and for a few months this summer, adam was an intern for our church. we really enjoyed having them around when they were in college~ but we loved having them around even more now. they interacted with our family like they were family and our kids fell in love with them! we were so thankful that they would share their summer with us and now are so sad that they had to leave! abigail especially still asks for jess-i-ca daily and includes her in her list of friends.

before they left us, we were able to squeeze in a photo shoot! they were so much fun for me to work with!! we got to walk around our downtown mountain view and these are the results. currently i'm trying to build a portfolio that contains more than just my kids. :) for now, i'm going to use this picasa account to store my photo sessions so you all can take a look.

i love that because of this little blog, you all can take this journey with me!! your input and encouragement have meant the world to me and have really boosted my confidence! thanks!