the little two.

we ran outside to take some pictures the other day while the boys were away with their dad. abigail wasn't thrilled with the idea, so i asked her if she could be a princess for me. she instantly ran to grab one of her dress up outfits and begged to put it on, but i was dying to take some pictures of her and elliot in normal clothes. (although, i do plan on doing a "fairytale" photo shoot some day soon) even in their normal duds though, i think these turned out a little magical. i especially loved the way the wind blew her hair in her face for once! :)

thanks for tolerating all of my mostly-pictures-posts that i've been doing lately. i've enjoyed sharing these with you and your feedback has been so helpful. i hope to post more about our life events and thoughts when i can, but for now, this type of post is all this tired out mama can handle!