three free sins.

steve brown. he was one of brian's seminary professors in orlando. he has a voice that could rock you to sleep (and fittingly hosts a radio program). and he has a way of speaking truth that unwinds me.

he gets in trouble often with christians. he is too loose, too free, too light for some. he makes people mad because he steps on religious toes all the time. what he says frustrates our attempts at being more righteous.

i've camped in very performance oriented camps before. i've slept with guilt and rules for some time. i've tried to jump through all the hoops to make me feel better about myself. but sometimes i stop. and i realize that God can't be pushed away by my pharisaical behavior and he can't be pushed away by my lackadaisical behavior either. He is too committed and faithful for that. so, here i am, working my faith out, amazed that amidst the doubts, shameful behavior, self righteousness and pride, Jesus is okay with me. actually he really loves me. i can come home to him and he welcomes me. no matter what type of day i've had.

it is this freedom and this kindness that leads me to repentance.
it is love.

and i guess because of it, i want to link you here. and let steve give you three free sins. it's humorous, but also so true.

and speaking of steve brown, he interviews the author of one of my favorite books that i've read this year. Stumbling Towards Faith. by Renee Altson- a victim of sexual abuse by her father. her bravery and honesty make her one of my heroes.