with ginny we're seven.

oliver was looking around one night while ginny was visiting and he noticed that with ginny we're seven. he was excited because we could now make up the seven dwarfs if we so wanted, but i felt the comment encapsulated our time with her.
i met ginny over 10 years ago when she was a college sophomore. i was working for a college ministry on her campus and instantly fell in love with her. she was a place of refuge for me when i was on campus along with some of her friends. so much has happened in all of our lives since then, but not much has changed in how it feels to have her around.
she makes me smile, act a little childish (all her fault), and relax! i always find myself sharing more than expected with her which is a gift she has with many. ginny came to visit us this summer at one of our busiest times in life, yet, with much grace never made us feel she was disappointed with our lack of attention or entertainment. in fact, she just fit right in. and that's the biggest compliment i can give her. with the greatest of ease, she entered into our life like she had always been here, she pitched in and helped in so many ways and she just made our load lighter with her hands, humor and heart.
so, this is my thank you note to you nin...
for holding my little guy so much...
for giving us you
for being easy to have around
for sharing secrets, even when they are staged for a photo
for playing princess. (too bad i don't have a picture of dress up time!)
for laughing with us. (my favorite picture!)
for being up for any tasks i threw at you!
for sticking it out with me through the years
for loving my kids
for playing at the park.

for taking the kids to swim lessons, camps, etc with me
and for keeping up with all your friends back home who missed you so much... it was good for me to see how much they love you too.
we miss you!