a little game

of tag.

i'm supposed to describe myself with the letters of my name. hmmm. the tricky part is which name to use. my real name is katherine, but my parents nicknamed me katie as a young child. as i grew older, my sister, brother and mom often would call me kate. and in college, kate actually became the preferred name by friends. (did you start this wisch??) now, most people know me by katie, but without thinking, i sign up on blogger and various emails using kate. i'm not trying to change my name or confuse anyone, i just can go either way.

so thanks jessica for having me play along. and thank you angie for forcing my hand. (read their blogs if you want a better name game acronym.) and i will wimp out and do KATE. and don't make me play anymore blog games.

K~ kids. i've made four and i believe i'm done.
A~acrobat...when i was a child that is. i competed in gymnastics.
T~ trophy wife. i tried to make him marry me for my heart and soul, but he just couldn't see past my looks. (wink, wink.)
E~ excitable and easy going all at the same time.

and who could i make play this little game?? i think jean, keri and gene (because i want to see if a boy will do it too.)