here is another dove video. i just love what they are doing. and they are smart because their ad campaigns really do make me want to support them by using their products.

this particular video makes me think about our standards for beauty. have you ever thought about who we compare ourselves to? who do we expect to look like? we see beautiful women everywhere we go, but are they real? some are. even so, should we look like them? i really believe that everyone has beauty because i believe God creates beautiful things. just look around. but we can't say that there is an equal amount of beauty distributed. and honestly, it's probably better that way. perhaps it allows us to appreciate real beauty when we see it.

i believe that God allows us to play a part in making the world a more beautiful place~ that we are called to bring beauty around us. and if we include ourselves in that missional focus, then i believe enhancing the beauty God has given us as women can even be a way to worship Him.

...trying to cram my theology of christian aesthetics into this short post doesn't seem to be working so well. so i will stop here. :)
but thinking about all of this is healthy for me. it puts it into perspective a bit.