new things.

here are some new things i'm trying:
exercise. not the silly YMCA dance.
i've been three times already. that is a big deal.

new menu.
nic says, "i really like everything you make from your new cookbook. oh, except those egg puffs."

traveling with four kids. (for thanksgiving.)
i've done very-big-pregnant-with-three, but never four. thankfully, our kids do planes well, except that darn tray table. they (abigail esp.) can't leave it alone. maybe i'll pack ducktape this time and tape it up. hmmm. that might work. oh, and i might add that we're totally due for a trip without stomach bugs. we have had that scenario the last two times we've flown.

facebook. i can't say that i really understand why i signed up. but i did. it has at least let me realize that some of my old friends out there are alive and kicking. and, now i can say i have 34 friends. i've never counted before, except for maybe when i was in junior high.

i know i'm too old for this, but a girl can use more friends in this world, right?
feel free to friend me if you want another too. :)