ballerina dreams

she has been dreaming of taking a ballet class practically this whole year.
today was the day her dreams were coming true.
she fell asleep before the class.
i was nervous about taking her when that happened. groggy girls don't dance too well.
she wanted to get dressed as soon as she woke up this morning. i told her that her class was a while after lunch and she replied, "Okay, i will eat my lunch now pwease." at 10:30 am.

she was willing to get dressed when it was time, but she was really sleepy.

she woke up. we went. we were late with all that sleepy dressing... and waking up a sleepy baby brother, but we made it. abi jumped into the class, looking rather cute, i must say. and speaking of cute, is there any other reason to put a 3.5 year old in ballet??
i mean who ever decided that mini-people with pop bellies should wear a tight leotards, tights, frilly skirts and then flutter around a dance floor was a really smart person. it's just happiness... like a huge ice cream cone on a summer's day.except when the little one doesn't quite want to participate. can you tell it's happening in the picture above? see her arms compared to the other little ones' arms? yeah. that was the beginning of her dreams ending. the rest of the class time, she sat in my lap. after class, she said she just wanted to learn ballet at home. wonder who's gonna teach her that?
it was fun. i had one clingy, leotardy girl in my lap, one 10 month old who would have loved to be in the group, and a 6 year old caught in between trying to help with the two others.

i was a little on edge from it all on the way home.
seriously, though, she's so cute, and has all of her 31/2 ways of saying things, that it softens me. on the way home, we were picking up some burgers and she asked oliver, "o-li-var, are you stauving for deaf? i'm stauving for deaf o-li-var."
i guess it was all that dancing she did...
maybe next week.