stockings, kisses and clutter:

and so the family christmas goes...
elliot watches papa get a new watch.

no time for nic to pose. my favorite quote from him was when someone asked him if he was excited about christmas on christmas eve. his answer was, "of course, what else would i be?"
uh. okay, that's a good point.
abigail was pretty sure that she was only getting one gift. it was really confusing to her when we would tell her she can ask for more than one thing. (maybe that was stupid of us...) then on christmas morning, we all told her, "abi, it's christmas, it's christmas." to which she replied, "no. it's not. there is NO snow and NO santa." she wouldn't be convinced otherwise. we just started opening gifts since we weren't going to win that argument.
elliot's first christmas... enjoying the paper, and boxes and small parts galore. it was a glorious day for him. :)
a full room... with so much to see...