this is it.

don't worry. it's still me..."and then they were six."

that's just it though. we're six. and we think we're done growing.
i thought of that title when we were five and i knew we wanted to be six. it seemed appropriate to signify our growth.
now i feel it's limiting... like my life revolves around kids or something! ;)
and speaking of kids, maybe they are the reason i feel like i never catch up with my "to-do's"... i feel behind often and i talk about it here on this blog. i also make all of you constantly view what happens when i'm behind the camera here (mostly with my kids also). and i share all kinds of thoughts and stories from behind our lives (okay, okay, usually about the kids, too).
but, all of these ideas kept floating in my head and...
viola! a new blog title was born.

thanks keri for creating this for me!!