the man i love.

the hubby is 35 today.

he is the type of dad that boys want to play with.
an action packed super hero.
a breathing mobile jungle gym.
a giant to test their strength against.

he has a gentle side. (especially when sleeping ;)
that makes me and his girl want to stay beside him.
he will play the prince or king when we want him to.
he listens, forgives, smiles, plays, instructs, loves.
a true gentleman.

the whole house shakes when he comes home!
none of us can get enough of him.
he seems to have patience for it all...
and take joy in us.

i am truly blessed to have you as my husband.
the father of my children.
my very best friend.
i'm so glad the children can see this in us...
and so glad that we have so many years ahead of us.
(if that is the Master plan...)

you are 35. so young. so old and wise.
and so mine.
i love you more than my life.
and i love my life with you.
happy birthday b!!