breakfast table talk.

at breakfast asks, "mom, are there people who don't believe in God?"
i was surprised by the question. she is only (almost) four. i asked, "abigail, what made you ask that?"
she replied, "it was just in my heart."
i told her there were. that there were people who believe like we do and there are people who haven't heard about God and people who have heard and don't believe.
she said, "i think we should tell them."
so simple and innocent and pure.

at breakfast says, "hey guys, listen to this: 'where the hell is that?!'"
i quickly turned to conceal my smile, deserting brian to parent alone.
he asked, "oliver where did you learn that?"
oliver lifted his arm, pointed his finger to his head, and said, "ding."
i guess a little bell goes off in his head when he thinks of something "clever."
and we ALL know good and well, that it was NOT from his mama that he learned such a thing.
i have NEVER cussed, ever~
before i turned 10.