more of us.

you can't get enough, can you? common' tell the truth. you want more pictures of us everyday!!
alright, alright. i'll give you what you want.
here. you go.
this next set is of nic~ all dressed up and no place to go.
i love them/him.

do you need me to tell you when i put new photos up over on the photography site??

oh, by the way, we're taking the kids to LA tomorrow!! we're so excited to do this family vacation together... just us! we'll be visiting Disneyland, Legoland, and Huntington Beach aka. surf city~ where we'll be staying. we've kept it as a surprise the whole time we've been planning it until tonight! we unveiled it at last. i can't stop thinking about doing a family photo shoot at the beach... i really need a remote and tripod! i'm sure taking pictures together won't be on the top of the kids' "the most fun things we did on vacation" lists, but they will be my most favored souvenirs for sure!