sweet souvenirs.

for the most part during our vacation, i took time "off" from photography. ;) (like that ever really happens for a parent!) i enjoyed snapping away with our little point and shoot, not worrying too much about having everything just right, and then sticking it in my pocket when not in use!
but, the whole trip, what i really wanted to do was take my camera that doesn't fit in my pocket and my little brood down to do a quick photo shoot under the pier in huntington beach.
we squeezed it in the last day we were there.
i try to let them play as much as possible and pose as little as possible. what that means is that i burn a lot of calories chasing them around! it was so important to me though to have some of my own souvenirs from our week away.
this next one makes me laugh.
abigail is being just so ladylike and the boys are just being themselves!

and there they are... all four. definitely the most challenging photo to capture! i love how it turned out... just so full of life and sibling love. i try to hang on to that when it happens!
there are more at my other site!