to meet a princess.

abigail has been to disney world many times~ probably more than twelve, but all of those visits happened before she was 15 months old. so in many ways, this trip felt like her first visit to disney.
b and i really enjoyed watching her take it all in.
sleeping beauty's castle, the magic tea cups, the dumbo ride, the characters and especially the... PRINCESSES!
abigail knows just about everything about the princesses... what color they wear, who their princes are, how they dance, sing, talk, that they want to "marry," how they wear their hair, that they are kind and have manners, who their evil counterparts are and more.

i've never wondered if she thought they were real or not.
i know she loves them.
i know she believes in them.
i know she knows all about them.

i wonder if she ever thought she would meet them~
if her imagination went that far.

we waited in line for an hour at least. the princesses were behind a big "castle" wall waiting to meet the girls who love them. we didn't even know which ones would be there. but we waited.

when my little a turned the corner and saw sleeping beauty bending down to give her a hug, she ran. abigail clung to her.
she was in awe and i was choked up. (and a little embarrassed to be so swept up in it all!)
she was in the presence of her heroines... the ones she's read about were right in front of her.
reaching out to spend a moment with just her...
later last night, after brian and i had laid our exhausted kids to bed with their disney dreams, we were chatting about these moments with abigail and the princesses.
i couldn't help but think about my own Hero in life. the One i read about and know about. the One who can feel like a storybook character at times but who says He is real. i have heard His stories many times. i believe He is alive, but i've never seen Him or touched Him.
and i was imagining my life like that waiting line... people all lined up to turn the corner and see just exactly who it is behind that wall.
people who want to see. waiting. to see. finally.
i can imagine my own heart of such little faith, actually seeing Him and then running and reaching for Him and wanting to shout, "He is REAL, He is REAL!... You are REAL!!"
just like abigail's heart leapt with those ladies.
what a moment that will be.
until then, i'll keep praying for faith like a child.
and remain thankful for the unexpected ways that Jesus shows up in my life~
like through the princesses at disney. who would have thought!?