all is well.

the older kids are peacefully playing outside in unusually drizzly weather. they are pretending to be explorers and are dressed like they are visiting the arctic. elliot is taking a morning nap and brian and i have retreated to this computer world to unwind.
we all woke up slowly today, the kids watched cartoons, elliot waddled around drinking his milk at his leisure and brian and i allowed our coffee to wake us up in it's own time.
once our eyes were all opened, we made a big breakfast together and all sat around our dining table just chatting about whatever came to mind. after we were full, we played a game with the kids (hullabaloo), smiled and laughed and danced.

11 years ago, brian and i started this journey together.

we laughed last night on our date about how we could barely recognize the people we were. we laughed about where we thought we would be by now. and we smiled at how we love our life~ just as it is.

we have had a very full week this past week. i hope to fill these blog pages with the details... but today, we are enjoying the freedom from a schedule (the first weekend in a long time) and the chance to be together as a family.
it is a happy anniversary to us.