don't be fooled.
by the cute little happy face.
he's just trying to distract you and put you at ease
so he can search out a new target of destruction.
just blink and the target will be destroyed.
he will have moved on to something else
before you have a chance to gather yourself
and pick up the mess he left behind.
favorite new activities include:
climbing on desks to pound computer keyboards.
sucking on toothbrushes that are not his.
climbing up to oliver's top bunk.
trying to fill cups with water from the refrigerator.
emptying a box of tampons and unwrapping each and every one.
climbing on the kitchen table, especially when cups or snacks are left there.
pulling our cd collection off the shelf.
drenching his shirts with slobber.
trying to pull my camera off the counter.
playing in the toilet water.
giving his mama a run for her money.

and being so silly and smiley and snuggley
that we love him to pieces anyway~
it doesn't hurt that he has also learned
to blow "mmmmmm-ma" kisses either!