"anything for sale!"

the boys got into selling yesterday.
they have been working "around the clock" to make a dime.
the idea started with these pins below:
(they got them while walking around in menlo park with their papa and dado.)
they were free.
the people said, "take as many as you want."
my boys certainly did.
and then they decided they would share in the giving...er selling.
(i'm sure that's illegal in some form.)
"Dr. Seuss for President"
many neighbors have said, "now, that's a candidate i could support!"
for $.25 you can support him.
or buy a "right out of the oven muffin mini."
please notice, this is quite a variety store.
we also have "turkey feathers for 50 cents"
nicholas found them on a camping trip.
they are the most valuable thing at the sale.

they all have different roles~
the manager:
the support staff:
and the pink girl:
(they have also been helped by their friend down the street
and their little wobbly brother.)
they are very patient for customers.
and very organized.
quality control is very high.
they test all edible products themselves!
signage is important.
drivers strain to read what they are selling.
*but no one has wrecked yet*
i tried to warn them that they might not sell any pins or ice-pops or turkey feathers.
but they've made close to ten dollars already.
and have totaled about 8 hours in two days.
(the muffins i contributed this morning have helped.)
and they just sold their first turkey feather.

we have amazing neighbors.