i forgot to tell you something.

remember that elliot lost his tooth?
then the dentist put it back in.
it looked really odd... and the bonding looked like cream cheese was stuck in between the front teeth. eww. then the bonding fell out. so we called our old pediatric dentist from birmingham... and he said that he would probably pull the tooth out.
we found a great pediatric dentist here.
and she said the same thing.
so brian took him to see her and elliot came home with this little necklace...
and one less tooth.

it seems unjust to work so hard to grow those things only to have them fall out. but such is life!

now my adorable baby just has more "character."

(these pictures were taken by b... we were both trying to get him to smile)
i know the wound is way too raw in this one... it was the day it was pulled!
he's just so cute and so, so loved by his mama and dada... tooth or no tooth!
let's hope we can keep the rest of his teeth before he someday moves out!