just a moment

i love this little girl.
i call her doodle.

she sparkles.
and talks~ alot.
she sings all day long.
and dances as she moves through her day.
she always asks me to play.
it's nice of her to invite me because i'm not always nice.

she loves her "mankie."
she loves to smell it while she sucks her thumb.
i love that.
i love her little overbite.
i love her mangled tangled hair.
i love the outfits she puts together: multiple patterns of sparkle and swirls.
she knows she is beautiful... and i never want that to go away.

this was just a moment.
on a sunny afternoon this week.
we were sitting and talking...
in front of a dirty old mirror
with my camera in hand.

there was nothing monumental about the day or this post~
but when i see these pictures of me and her, i realize
there is something monumental about my love for her.