you are out of the loop.

and it's all my fault.
you see, we've been a bit distracted and befuddled (that was fun to say) lately...
just like in this photo:

we are in the midst of TRANSITION again.
for various reasons, brian resigned from his position at our church (Grace Presbyterian in palo alto). i would love to sit and chat about how it all happened but there are just too many details and information for this here blog... besides, if we told you everything, then we'd have to kill you. ;)

so here we are. loving our life, but watching it change before our eyes. (yes, i'm standing on the ledge and i'm still not taller than him!! geez.)
change is one of the few things we can always expect, right? it's crazy that this (below) is how we started out. we even honeymooned to this exact location... a mere 11.5 years ago. i remember thinking that i could totally live in san francisco at that point, but yet it still blows my mind that God directed our path to land just 30ish miles south of the city. we moved out to the bay area (mountain view) 3.5 years ago and it has been a gift to us to live and work here. and now we are leaving with an extra kid in tow, a new business for me and neighbors and a church family that we have truly loved and will miss.
and since we don't quite know where we're ending up, it's great to know that i have good company regardless. i love this man so much more now than i did then. (if i were a better blogger, i would also post a picture of us from our honeymoon. you know that i'm not though.)

so. we find ourselves in midst of boxes again (thankfully at least one of us is packing right now)... packing to move to an unknown. believing our feet will once again find solid ground to land upon and giving thanks for the places we've been.